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Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are a popular garment among cycling enthusiasts, providing comfort and performance benefits. Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a leading manufacturer of cycling shorts, offering high-quality products with a focus on sustainability and ethical production. Our advanced technology and expertise ensure durability, breathability, and moisture management, enhancing the overall cycling experience.

Product Specifications

Materials: 80% Polyamide and 20% spandex (adjustable as per customer’s requirement). 

Functionality: 3D structure chamois is breathable and comfortable. Smooth flatlock seams can avoid friction and skin irritation.

Size: All sizes available.

Customization: Customized printings/colors as per clients’ requirements.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam – An Experienced Cycling Shorts Manufacturer

Fashionable Design
Highly Functional Materials

At Thygesen Textile Vietnam, we focus on creating Cycling Shorts that are not only stylish but also incredibly functional. Our shorts are made from 80% Polyamide and 20% spandex, which enhances moisture-wicking and body heat thermoregulation. Our 3D structure chamois is breathable and comfortable, providing additional support to the wearer.

Cycling shorts manufacturing service with fashionable design
We prioritize designing Cycling Shorts that combine both style and exceptional functionality

The Flexibility Of The Service
OEM And ODM Options

As a cycling shorts manufacturer, we understand the importance of having unique designs that reflect the style and comfort required for cycling. That’s why we offer a wide range of available designs that can be customized to suit your brand’s needs. We also provide OEM and ODM services to help you create your own designs with ease.

We offer OEM and ODM services, making it effortless for you to bring your unique designs to life
Cycling shorts manufacturing service with OEM service

Maximizing Value
Minimizing Cost

With our streamlined manufacturing methods and solid connections with suppliers, we are able to obtain top-notch materials at affordable rates. We utilize our extensive knowledge and skills in the textile sector to enhance production efficiency and reduce expenses, enabling us to provide competitive prices to our customers. Choosing to partner with us means you can enjoy reasonably priced cycling shorts that are both fashionable and suitable for your budgetary needs.

Cycling shorts manufacturing service with competitive prices
Utilizing textile expertise, we enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and offer competitive prices to customers

Environmental Responsibility
Sustainability Meets Fashion

We make conscious efforts to reduce waste and foster a circular economy by incorporating recyclable materials in the production of our cycling shorts. Furthermore, our dedication to quality is evident in our utilization of state-of-the-art sewing technology, which minimizes errors and guarantees accurate stitching and construction. By combining eco-friendly materials with advanced manufacturing methods, we aim to craft cycling shorts that are not only trendy and comfortable but also in harmony with our principles of social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Cycling shorts manufacturing service with recyclable materials
We use recyclable materials for our cycling shorts production

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With over 90 years of experience in the garment industry, Thygesen takes pride in offering high-quality products and bespoke service to bring value to your business.
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